Don’t Believe Trump — The fossil fuel era is ending, the real question is how fast

The Rapidly Emerging Clean Energy Economy

The rapid rise of electric vehicles could leak to peak oil in 2020, and cause another major oil crash as early as 2025. Source: Bloomberg: The Peak Oil Myth and the Rise of EVs
The Dakota Access and Keystone Pipeline are both premised on some doubtful assumptions about the economic future of the oil industry

Pipeline Politics and Desperate Infrastructure Scrambles

Fossil fuel industry workers are getting left high and dry by fossil fuel execs, but a just transition is possible. Just o.3% of the US Defense Budget could transition all coal workers into clean energy jobs.

Inflated Bubbles, Overpaid CEOs, and Stranded Workers

Un-levelling the Economic Playing Field

Exporting Corruption

Tillerson Received the Russian Order of Friendship after signing deals with the state-owned Russian oil company Rosnef. Tillerson is now working on lifting sanctions against Russia which will enable those deals to go through. (Cartoon from Cagle)

Selling the Carbon Bubble

Recent analysis estimates that the fossil fuel industry could see up to $28 trillion in losses in just the next two decades if the world acts in line with the Paris Agreements.

A Global Chinese-Led Clean Energy Resistance

Already activists and scientists are gearing up to penalize America if it decides to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Credit: Myles Allen and Thomas Hale

Winning the Resistance?

People’s Climate March in Washington DC



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