Late last year, Cliff Mass, the controversial weatherman and University of Washington (UW) Professor, started a firestorm in the climate denial community and alt-right media by complaining to them that he was the target of persecution and bullying for his political beliefs and was having his freedom of speech threatened…

Weatherman Cliff Mass has teamed up with Big Oil to try kill Initiative 1631, but if you are about climate change, don’t listen to them, Vote Yes on 1631.

Washington voters who open their voting guides will be in for a surprise when they see a lone atmospheric scientist standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Big Oil to oppose Initiative 1631 — a plan to make polluters pay for their pollution, and invest in clean energy and clean air, clean water and…

12 American cities and counties are suing fossil fuel companies for climate reparations, but they are also some of the biggest contributors to the problem. To avoid hypocrisy and injustice, those suing should also recognize and pay their climate debt to those most vulnerable to climate change.

[This is a…

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“Trump is known to like walls. Maybe a wall of carbon tariffs around the US is a solution he will understand”

— Jeremy Wates, Secretary General of the European Environmental Bureau.

After multiple delays, and the building up of a twisted reality television-like suspense, Donald Trump has finally announced that…

Alex Lenferna

Alex Lenferna is secretary of the Climate Justice Coalition & campaigner with He has a PhD on climate justice from the University of Washington.

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